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COIN Release “Brad Pitt” – Youth’s Anthem

COIN "Uncanny Valley" Album CoverCOIN Gets Ready For Their Most Exploratory Album Yet

The indie synth-pop band hailing from Nashville, Tennessee is having a strong lead-up to their fourth studio album.  Out March 25th, the album, Uncanny Valley, is COIN’s most experimental yet.  Keyboardist and vocalist Chase Lawrence says, “We wanted to make people feel like they’ve opened a door to the future, and heard a combination of sounds they weren’t supposed to hear yet” about the album.  “The idea was to take the elements of classic rock—the organic instrumentation and energy of drums and guitar and bass—then put all that through a very hi-fi and modern filter,” he elaborates.

The 5 Seconds of Summer openers lead their lastest album with “Chapstick” and earned their first-ever Billboard number one hit.  It is a psych-rock song full of scratchy vocals and heavy bass.  Since then, “Cutie,” “I Think I Met You In A Dream” and now “Brad Pitt” are setting the scenery for COIN’s next album.

“Brad Pitt” Is A Mood Board For Youth

COIN Via Twitter

With “Brad Pitt” COIN makes a sensory-overload track fuzzing with teen angst.  Guitarist Joe Memmel says, “Brad Pitt was definitely one of the songs that felt uncomfortable at first. But then we just kept massaging and trying different things, and eventually what seemed risky turned into something that felt so right.”  Indeed, the track has a sinister uncomfort to it.  They jam blown-out vocals, overbearing drum crashes, and spiraling guitar chords into the song.  The sound is youthful because of its uniqueness and disarray.  This, of course, all has to do with the message of the song.  The title, “Brad Pitt” comes from the actor’s suave and wiseness.  “He’s an image of youth, but somehow also possesses just that wisdom and those eyes that tell a story,” swoons Ryan Winnen, drummer.

COIN is set to release their album Uncanny Valley on March 25th.  Additionally, the band begins their rescheduled tour for the album on April 1st.  Check out our OnStage section for details on COIN’s tour.

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