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Elaine is Back With “Shine”

South African R&B rising artist Elaine released her first single of the year. “Shine” arrives as the first taste of new music from the singer since last year’s single “Right Now.”

Elaine Demonstrates Her Appreciation on “Shine”

If you love R&B music, you need to check Elaine out. The 22-year-old singer has soft vocals, a smooth vibe, and an astonishing lyrical genius. She lets us see that clearly in “Shine,” as it’s an inviting song that she dedicates to her significant other, telling them she’s there to see how much they value.

“I don’t wanna stop your shine. ‘Cause I love it when you shine. I just hope they know you’re mine. When they see you shine. Like the sun in the sky and the moon at night,” Elaine sings in the passionate chorus.

“‘Shine’ is exactly what it feels like to loosen your grip and let go of fear, more particularly the fear of love, in all its forms,” Elaine says. “At the time I wrote it from a place of heartbreak – watching someone you love not love themselves or love you the way you love them, but wishing them the best regardless because you see the light in them. Making this song was special because I make a lot of sad girl music, but this time I expressed my pain in a different way which was refreshing. I can’t wait to share the rest of the album with you all. P.S.: Get ready for sad girl season, it’s about to get reallllll emotional.”

The Music Video Reflects the Song’s Meaning

Co-written with Brittany B, “Shine” is accompanied by a sensual and dreamy new video directed by Jesse Ray Diamond, whose credits include Anderson .Paak, Kash Doll ft. Big Sean, and Timbaland. In it, she wears a beautiful gold outfit while singing the song to her significant other, who appreciates everything that she’s doing for him.

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