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Cat Janice: A Singer Leaving Behind a Legacy

Who is Cat Janice?

Cat Janice has been mentioned all over TikTok with people posting videos asking everyone to give a listen. According to CTV News, “The 31-year-old Washington, D.C., singer was diagnosed with a rare malignant tumour called sarcoma in 2021.” Janice is currently in hospice and has lost her voice as her cancer has progressed.

“Dance You Outta My Head” by Cat Janice came out on January 19. It served as her final song, as well as a gift to her seven-year-old son. When Janice felt trouble with her breathing, she decided to do something special. The revenue of all of her music will go to Loren to give him a bright future. It is imperative to stream and buy her music because it’s important to leave her son with something as he is sadly losing his mother to cancer.

Courtesy of @cat.janice on Instagram

The single “Dance You Outta My Head” is an upbeat disco track. The song describes wanting to bust a move instead of thinking about this love between someone else. Cat Janice is on top of the world tonight at the club and no one can stop her. Production on “Dance You Outta My Head” is a guitar against a bright disco sound with Janice’s soft vocals. As of January 31, the single sits at under 2 million streams. This is Janice’s most streamed song and it deserves to have more.

Recent Success

Cat Janice has other catchy songs that definitely are worth a listen. Her only other song that has over a million streams on Spotify is “white shoes.” The theme of another upbeat dance track continues within “white shoes;” the song is a certifiable hit. The guitar strums with her smooth buttery vocals are the perfect combination. The song describes her getting ready for a night out by putting on her white shoes and wearing a cute outfit for some destressing from overworking herself. “white shoes” is a short but sweet track that makes you feel good and want to stop thinking of the worries in life. Everything will be ok. The vibe of the song is similar to mxmtoon with an indie feel to it.

Courtesy of Cat Janice

Regarding Janice’s music, she is alive to see her first song ever, “Dance You Outta My Head,” hit the Billboard charts. It earned 37th on the Hot Dance/Electric Songs and Number 11 on the all-genre Digital Song Sales chart. On the iTunes USA chart, it is sitting at #10 as of February 1. Over 78k people as of today have used the song as a sound on TikTok. Regarding how she feels, Cat Janice posted a TikTok with the caption, “#greenscreen YOU ALL GAVE ME MY ONE MORE MOMENT ALIVE AND I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ officially Billboard Charting top 40 artist!!!!!!! #billboard #viraltiktok ALSO TOP 50 TIKTOK VIRAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @billboard.”

Cat Janice’s Spotify

Below is Cat Janice’s Spotify which I highly recommend listening to if you want some chill vibes and great music. She has one album called Modern Medicine and multiple singles released since 2018. Supporting this music will help her seven-year-old son take on the world as his mother is currently losing her long-fought battle. Let’s continue to support her music and have Cat Janice’s legacy continue.

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