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Introducing Tacoma Indie-Pop Duo, He Is We

This week, get acquainted with the Tacoma-based indie-pop duo, He Is We.

Artist Profile: He Is We

Consisting of Rachel Taylor (singer) and Trevor Kelly (guitarist), He Is We have played a part in the indie music scene since the late 2000s. The duo initially gained attention by leveraging social media platforms to market their music. Though they jumped on the strategy long before the days of TikTok—back to the time of MySpace. Their early works showcased an immense level of emotive vocals paired with melodic guitar arrangements, creating a sound that has become authentically He Is We. This resonated with listeners, translating to a steadily growing fanbase.

The breakthrough for the pair came with the release of their debut album, My Forever, in 2010. The album featured tracks like “Happily Ever After” and “All About Us,” which resonated with listeners and contributed to the duo’s growing fanbase. The songs explored the popular themes of love, relationships and personal struggles, connecting with their fanbase on an emotional level.

Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly of He Is We
Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly of He Is We

Sadly, the duo faced internal challenges, leading to a period of hiatus and tensions within the band. Rachel Taylor departed from He Is We for a time, but the project continued with new members. Eventually, Taylor returned, and the duo released new music in their 2022 album, Treehouse. It marked a new era for the duo—a nostalgic sound with a new perspective.

He Is We’s sound evolves with each release, blending pop sensibilities with a raw emotional core. The duo has maintained a dedicated fan following, with listeners appreciating the sincerity and vulnerability found in their music. Despite the challenges they have faced, their dedication to music continues to shine through, persevering through it all.

Listen to their music down below, and check out Music Daily each week for more music discoveries!

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