Cassadee Pope is Back With “Say It First”

The Voice season 3 winner and Hey Monday member is back with a new song. “Say It First” arrives as the follow-up to “What The Stars See.”

Cassadee Revealed the Album News on the Kelly Clarkson Show

“Say It First” and “What The Stars See” are the first singles off Cassadee’s upcoming album, which she just revealed on the Kelly Clarkson Show last week. She posted on her Instagram, “Cat’s outta the bag! My album Thrive will be out later this fall. Gunna bring all the country, pop, punk vibes that make up my whole heart. Thank you for having me, Kelly! You’ve always been such a huge inspiration to me and I appreciate your support more than you could ever know!”

Co-written by Cassadee alongside Ross Copperman and Heather Morgan; produced by Cassadee, Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild and Nickolas, “Say It First” explores the uncomfortable but necessary step in ending a relationship by being the one to say that it’s over.

How “Say It First” Came Together

“’Say It First’ was inspired by the times we’re in a position to say something first, whether it’s good or bad.” Cassadee shared via Genius. “In this song’s case, it’s about being the one to say the relationship is over first when you both already know that to be true. But being the one to break the news means you’re the bad guy.”

Cassadee also shared that when she first got together with Ross and Heather to write the song, she had “no ideas”. “I was in a weird place creatively where I didn’t know where to go stylistically because of so much outside opinion from my team at the time. Then going into this session was like a breath of fresh air. Heather and Ross were so embracing of my past and wanted to tap into that pop/rock energy. Heather had the title ‘Say It First’ and the song kind of fell out!”

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