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Hauskey & Hope Tala Join Forces For “One Minute”

Aussie musician Hauskey teamed up with breakout artist Hope Tala for a new catchy new single, “One Minute.”

Hauskey Explores His Creativity on “One Minute”

“One Minute” is Hauskey’s follow-up to “Cream Shirt,” which just came out in May. The new track shows that he likes to explore different genres and stay innovative with his music. Plus, Hope brings her own brightness into the mixture, making this a song that is sure to become a hit.

The song mostly features Hauskey’s vocals, with Hope jumping in at the last verse before the song ends. They play the parts of a couple where Hauskey feels like Hope doesn’t give him enough attention, while she admits she’s been having a cold behavior toward him. 

“One minute you’re on my side. Then you’re nowhere in sight. One minute you care. Then you’re not there. You go friend to finished. In one minute,” Hauskey expresses in the chorus. “It’s not my fault that you can’t live without me. Got things to do, people to see, and still you love to tell me. I’m an independent woman, take out what I put in. Sometimes I can’t help it, doing things I shouldn’t. But I guess you got feelings involved. So maybe I should change my ways and stop acting cold,” Hope replies.

Hauskey & Hope Tala Speak About the Track

Speaking of “One Minute,” Hauskey shares it’s about “fake, fair-weather friends. Seems to be plenty, especially in the music industry. Being from a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, I don’t handle bullshit all that well, and can’t stand people who aren’t genuine. This song wrote itself, but I’m pretty proud of the ‘friend to finished in one minute’ line. It says everything.”

Hope Tala adds, “I think it can be really powerful when songs are upbeat and sound fun and light-hearted, but have profound lyrical meaning. Hauskey is a great writer, and it was really cool to be able to collaborate with such a talent.”

Listen to “One Minute” by these two amazing artists on the rise!

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