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Caroline Romano Releases 3 Versions of “Hollister”

Caroline Romano, alt-pop singer songwriter, impresses again with “Hollister.” Released on June 3rd, the EP includes three different versions of the track: the original, “Hollister (I Want To Be Her Version)”, and “Hollister (Nightcore Version).” Her masterful delivery of vocals, lyrics, and genre-bending melodies makes her the perfect Music Daily Discovery.

Her Debut Album

The original version of the track was released in February, included in her debut album, Oddities & Prodigies. The album saw near immediate success and positioned Caroline Romano as an artist to watch. Subsequently, her two extra versions of “Hollister” support this notion and show her versatility as an artist.

Caroline Romano on “Hollister”

Speaking on “Hollister”, Caroline Romano admits, “We all have our own ideal standards of beauty… Growing up, that girl to me looked like the opposite of who I was. She was the girl who wore Hollister skinny jeans and had a great smile. She stood out in those subtle, graceful ways I don’t naturally possess… ‘Hollister’ is just me reiterating those thoughts I think many of us had in middle school, and even still have to this day.” The track, which is full of guitar riffs and longing, is absolutely infectious. Caroline Romano comments on modern beauty standards while keeping her signature charm.

Stripped Back Version

“Hollister (I Want To Be Her Version)” is a slower, stripped back version of the track. Romano allows her audience to connect with her lyrics, emphasizing the impossible standards of today’s society. She sings, “You want her smart / But not smarter than you.” Caroline points out the flaws of the male gaze, all while singing about wanting “to be her.”

Romano Goes Pop-Punk

Caroline goes pop-punk on “Hollister (Nightcore Version).” Complete with guitar, drums, and energetic vocals, the track is a must-listen. The 20-year-old Nashville artist shows just how multifaceted her music is. Her ability to make three distinguished tracks out of one song is, of course, highly impressive.

More to Come

To listen to her latest EP, click here. Though her debut album released in February, fans are already excited to hear more from the young artist. Be sure to check back to Music Daily for updates on Caroline Romano and to find your new favorite artists!

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