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Gatlin is Empowered on “Masterclass”

Gatlin, rising alternative singer-songwriter, has released a new single called “Masterclass.” The nearly 3-minute track is vibrant, empowering, and showcases her powerful vocal range. “Masterclass,” as well as Gatlin’s musical mastery, are what make her a wonderful MD Discovery.

Gatlin’s Rise to Fame

Gatlin first rose to fame in the summer of 2020, when she released her hit debut EP, “Sugarcoated.” Included in the EP was her single,”Talking to Myself,” which currently has nearly 6 million streams. The young Nashville native effortlessly blended pop, indie, and folk together. Since then, Gatlin’s music has grown with her and moved towards the alternative genre.

“Masterclass” is Electrifying

“Masterclass” is a must-listen track. With wounding opening lyrics like “He said that I should teach a masterclass on how to be a tease,” it’s hard not to pay attention. Gatlin sings powerfully over an electrifying guitar riff and backing drums, signaling what’s to come. She croons as the song builds, finally asking herself who will be the first to break. Suddenly, the beat evolves into something edgier and controlling. Listeners can’t help but feel mesmerized and empowered by Gatlin’s musical genius.

The Making of “Masterclass”

Speaking of “Masterclass,” Gatlin says it’s “a song about wanting full control and wanting to be desired. I actually dreamt the main guitar part and woke up in the middle of the night and voice-recorded it. The next day I started working on the song and building it around the three-note guitar riff. I was in a time of my life where I was pretty fed up with being heartbroken and wanted to feel powerful – looking at love and relationships like a game where there are winners and losers.” And, it seems Gatlin has certainly won this game, and the ears of thousands of listeners. Anticipation builds for the singer-songwriter to release even more music.

More to Listen

Last month, Gatlin also released a single titled “2000 Miles.” The track is much less edgier than “Masterclass,” but is just as potent lyrically. The TikTok star has demonstrated her range through her recent releases, and it’s what makes her a wonderful MD Discovery. If you want to listen to more of Gatlin’s music, you can do so here.

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