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Can UK rising talent BERWYN become the “next big thing” of R&B music?

Unconventional drop

TAPE 2/FOMALHAUT” is the name of the latest album of the UK rising talent BERWYN. Together with others such as easy life and Ama Lou, the R&B singer is one of the most promising emerging artists in England. BERWYN, born in Trinidad and Tobago but moved early to London, is contemporary and romantic. Currently, he’s not know yet well known by the generic public. But thanks to his talent and melodies he could soon the “next big thing.” His new album is one of the most interesting unconventional drops of the summer. BERWYN, indeed, decides not to follow trends but shows the purest part of himself. The single “TO BE LOVED,” in particular, is a beautiful song to all the feelings. Not the same old rhetoric, the song is a personal letter to the person that he loves.

Back to the album, BERWYN’s project contains all his content in 11 songs. Besides “TO BE LOVED,” also the hit “RUBBEN BANDS” is a huge strong point of the album. The state of mind of BERWYN seems like so introspective every time. But without being annoying.

Album number two for him

TAPE 2/FOMALHAUT” is the second album of the singer, the one that could musically grew up him. His music can fundamentally be understoond by everyone (and what how lucky I’d say). Maybe english music hasn’t the same hype as the american’s, but this doesn’t mean that it’s worst. Artists like BERWYN demonstrate that making good music, in 2021, is still possible. There’s good hope for the urban music movement.

Many influences and as many things to tell, BERWYN’s conquest has just started. “TAPE 2/FOMALHAUT” is the unusual drop of the summer, for the most curious people that don’t appreciate only the mainstream stuff. If you’re searching for something new, that is urban for real, this could be right choice for your research. And maybe, in a few years, we’ll can talk about a huge artist.

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