The Rise Of KSI

As a popular YouTuber, boxer, and rapper, it feels like there is nothing KSI can’t do. And after three projects and a couple of fights, he’s got a number one album under his belt.

Some of the biggest artists around are backing him as he grows an already huge following. It’s crazy how he got to this point, but his journey started over a decade ago on the internet with a video game.

KSI The YouTuber

Back then, KSI would upload gaming commentary videos of  FIFA from his bedroom at his parents’ house in Watford, England. In the next couple of years, he grew his channel to more than 13 million subscribers.

Then in 2013, he made his first branch into a different sphere. He joined a British YouTube group known as the Sidemen and currently makes content with them now. The group produces online videos, consisting of challenges, sketches, and also video-game commentary.

During this whole time, KSI was pursuing a side gig as a rapper. His earliest pieces of music were comedy–rap songs for his YouTube channel from 2011 to about 2015. Until in 2016, when he dropped his first EP Keep Up debuting at # 13 on the UK Albums Chart and number one on the UK R&B Albums Chart.


KSI The Boxer

The next year, the multi-talented entertainer also decided to step into the ring and begin a professional boxing career. In February 2018 at Copper Box Arena, London, KSI boxed another YouTuber by the name of Joe Weller. The fight drew 1.6 million live viewers and over 40 million over the next several days.

From there, he fought one of the biggest influencers in the 21st century with Logan Paul, twice. The first time was in 2018 and ended as a majority draw, but they had over 1.05 million watching on pay-per-view.

Then in November 2019, KSI and Logan Paul fought in their first professional fight. This time KSI won and the event gave both fighters a huge boost of publicity and cash.

KSI The Rapper

At this point, KSI was a well-known name in the YouTube community with plenty of influence and freedom to chase his passions.

A few singles and YouTube videos later in 2019, KSI released a collaborative album with Randolph titled New Age. It debuted at number one on the UK R&B Albums Chart again, eventually sparking a record deal to come his way.

He went on to release Dissimulation in 2020 which includes features from Lil Baby, Trippie Redd, Rick Ross, and many more.

Now his latest project All Over The Place looks to be his most successful official studio album. With even bigger names like YUNGBLUD, Future, and Craig David backing him up on this one, KSI is not skipping out on quality. The production is great and the album has proven to already be a fan favorite.

KSI also just released a new single titled “LOSE” with Lil Wayne last Friday.

It is unknown what’s next for KSI, maybe another fight? A tour? Or something completely different? All we know is that KSI is going to keep surprising us in any way he can.

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