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Camila Cabello Recruits Ed Sheeran For “Bam Bam”

Global pop star Camila Cabello joined forces with singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran for the new track “Bam Bam,” which will form part of Camila’s upcoming album Familia.

Camila is Gearing Up For the Release of Her New Album Familia

“Bam Bam” marks the second collaboration between Camila and Ed. Back in 2019, the duo united for the first time on Ed’s album No. 6 Collaborations Project. The two of them sang together in a song called “South of the Border,” and rapper Cardi B joined in as well. If you haven’t heard it yet, go listen to it! You won’t regret it.

Fast forward to 2022, the pair are working together again for another thrilling song. This time, it’s for “Bam Bam,” a song that is part of Camila’s upcoming third studio album Familia, which is set for release on April 8. It will feature a total of 12 songs, including the unreleased tracks “Celia,” “Boys Don’t Cry,” and “No Doubt”. Additionally, it will include some more collaborations with artists like WILLOW, Maria Becerra, and Yotuel.

“Bam Bam” Reminds us That Life Has Ups and Downs

In the song, Camila also touches on her recent breakup with Shawn Mendes. “You said you hated the ocean, but you’re surfin’ now. I said I’d love you for life, but I just sold our house. We were kids at the start, I guess we’re grown-ups now, mmm. Couldn’t ever imagine even havin’ doubts. But not everything works out, no,” she sings in the opening verse.

Nevertheless, “Bam Bam” is an uplifting song that talks about no matter what life throws at you, we have to stay positive because life goes on.” Así e’ la vida, sí. Yeah, that’s just life, baby. Yeah, love came around and it knocked me down. But I’m back on my feet,” Camila sings in the chorus.

“Bam Bam” showcases Camila’s Latin and American roots, making it a beautiful bilingual song.  “I wanted to make a song that had English words, but gives me that same feeling that a lot of these Latin songs give us,” Camila told Apple Music. “And so basically, we had this version of the song. And then by the time that Ed [Sheeran] had heard it and been on board to do it, I was in a different place in my life. I’d come out of this long relationship.” 

She continued, “And also, Ed was like, ‘Okay, I love it but I want to change the chords on the verse.’ And so he had a morning… Ed is the busiest fricking guy in the world. I don’t know how he does it, but he had a morning off. And so me, him, Ricky, and Scott Harris went in the room and we all wrote my verse, and his verse, recorded it, and finished the song.”

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