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Orange Rex County & Tyler The Creator on “OPEN A WINDOW”

Alt-R&B star Orange Rex County and rapper Tyler, The Creator released “OPEN A WINDOW” off Rex’s fourth album, “WHO CARES?”

Orange Rex County and Tyler The Creator’s History

This collaboration was a while coming and somewhat a surprise for Rex fans. The English singer-songwriter isn’t known to have features on any of his last three projects or singles except Marco McKinnes. However, he appeared frequently on Tyler, The Creator’s Grammy-nominated fifth album “Flower Boy” from 2017.

They are more than musical contributors but supporters of each other’s craft. With Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Rex recounts how Tyler was his sounding board when contemplating his third album, “Pony.” He said, “He’s [Tyler’s] just like, ‘Bro, just chill. Stop worrying about what people are going to think.’ He’s very carefree, but at the same time, he really, really does care about the long full album.” In a recent interview with NME, Rex shows even more love to Tyler, saying, “Tyler, The Creator taught me a lot by giving me a mirror to look at what I did on my own”.

“WHO CARES?” album

Recently, Orange Rex County released his fourth album, “Who Cares?” with “OPEN A WINDOW” as its third single. On this record, he lets his guard down (the opposite upbringing of the album “Pony”), focusing less on doubts. In fact, he doesn’t have any answers on this album and seems okay with that. With NME, he says, “In that space of uncertainty is where the magic happens.” The breezy and funky production reflects such positive thinking, making it a relaxing listen.

“OPEN A WINDOW” featuring Tyler, The Creator Analysis

Rex’s steady vocals on the track are reminiscent of Frank Ocean, sounding effortlessly laidback and peaceful. As a soft jangle of maracas enters, Rex doesn’t change; there are no falsettos, only doubling down on his velvety voice. And his message matches the production’s light, funky beat. He sings, “They want change, but you don’t еver, oh / Oh, tryin’ to ignore the thought of wanting to / But еvery single time that I do, I’m like, um”. The song’s shiny and sunny beat reflects an escape from this constant anxiety and back-and-forth. Rather than fighting this negativity, he expresses that he’s already past it and is now in a better place.

Tyler, The Creator adds a little more spice to the song’s bridge with vocal layering and subtle background sounds. And, although it’s quick, his slight up-tempo gets the crowd on their feet, ready for the song’s end. He fires, “I never bite my tongue, it’s for the better, I promise / You stuck, then move, because I’m running, like sinus / I knows, they quiet like that last E in “silence”. He echoes Orange Rex’s same message, supporting the carefree quality of “OPEN A WINDOW.” With Orange Rex County, Tyler throws all the negativity out the window– for good!

Orange Rex County & Tyler The Creator on "OPEN A WINDOW"
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