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BTS To Enlist In Military, Starting With Eldest—Jin

BTS have decided to begin their mandatory service journey and plan to enlist in the military. Jin will be the first member to do so.

The Story Behind BTS and Military Enlistment

The question of will BTS enlist in the South Korean military has at last been answered—yes. This question has been up in the air for quite some time now.

Due to the constant tensions with North Korea, South Korea mandates that all men enlist in the military. They must do so by their 28th birthday. Each man will serve for 18 to 21 months.

Many people have brought into question whether BTS should have to enlist in the military. The phenomena that is BTS, prompted a governmental extension on required enlistment back in 2020. The law detailing this extension said that a pop-culture artist could wait until his 30th birthday to enlist. This was recommended by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, taking into consideration the enhancement of the image of South Korea both nationally and globally.

The Plans For Enlistment

Jin, the eldest member of BTS, will turn 30 in December of this year. Though he and the other members could wait until they each turn 30, all seven of them will begin their enlistment shortly. By the end of October, Jin will be the first BTS member to enlist.

Each member will most likely enlist within the next year. Importantly, there was an announcement that BTS will reconvene as a group in 2025, “following their service commitment.” So, ARMY doesn’t have to wait too terribly long. Fans will also still be able to enjoy music and media released by the members who have not yet enlisted.

Take a look at the full statement from Big Hit Music below.

big hit music bts enlistment statement 2022

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