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Bilmuri Drops “CORN-FED YETIS” Featuring Knox

Wake up cob goblins! Bilmuri and Knox have just dropped a hard rock banger titled “CORN-FED YETIS.” Let’s check out Bilmuri and his new track together! 

Bilmuri: A Modern Rockstar

Starting off in a metalcore band “Attack Attack!” in 2007, Johnny Franck, or Bilmuri, would release three albums with the band as a vocalist and guitarist. He departed from the band after three years and started a new alt-rock band called “The March Ahead,” which is still making songs to this day. 

In 2016, Franck would also start his own side projects under the alias “Bilmuri.” He has since released nine albums, three EPs, and over 15 singles. 

The 10 Genres in “CORN-FED YETIS”

Continuing on the mythical creature theme of his Goblin Hours album, Bilmuri releases new track “CORN-FED YETIS.”

Actually… scratch that. Although the title is called “CORN FED YETIS,” the song has actually nothing to do with Yetis. Bilmuri’s signature is to mix up genres, and he is a master of hybrid, contradictory music. The song actually is a deep song about alcohol and depression, as you can make out from the hook:

Pull my head to the sink/I’ve never felt so low/And I can’t hold my breath/Feel it when I’m alone /Dig the glass through my neck/’Til there’s no feeling left /Drown myself for the high again”

 Besides the mismatch between the title and the lyrics, “CORN-FED YETIS” also is deeply layered in many different genres. Initially, the song hooks you in with an electronicore feel, featuring airy synth overlaid with Bilmuri’s soft voice. Suddenly, the track switches to a pop feel, featuring an upbeat tempo and acoustic guitar. Then, the drums kick in, and Bilmuri’s rock roots can be heard, even before the scream-o breakdown in the later half of “CORN-FED YETIS.” 

Monsters Everywhere

And although the lyrics are deep and raw, the music video is completely goofy. Like all the other songs on this album, he records his videos on a 3D computer graphic software. Although the assets and occasional janky glitches give the video a silly feel, the cinematography and direction is surprisingly good. You can check out the music video for “CORN-FED YETIS” down below! 

Bilmuri is slated to go on tour to promote his “Goblin Hours” album throughout October and November. You can get tickets to see him by clicking here!  

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