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Bryce Vine Unveils Truthful “American Dream”

Rapper and singer-songwriter Bryce Vine released his latest track “American Dream,” which was previously teased during his last tour.

Bryce Explores All Different Kinds of Genres

Continuing on his pop-punk roll, Bryce is back with another banger. Last year, he joined forces with punk-star MOD SUN for “Empty Bottles,” the first track that saw the rapper dive into the pop-punk universe. Now, “American Dream” arrives as its follow-up, and the song is certainly not disappointing.

Bryce is well-known for his versatility, as his songs transcend genres. He can go from pop to rock, and from rap to punk. He even has slower, chill tracks, so you can basically listen to him while being in any mood.

His newest song, “American Dream,” talks about how the American dream is kind of the opposite – a nightmare. Bryce talks about how the country is becoming brainwashed thanks to social media and all the trends it has, such as people using plastic bottles to make their lips look bigger or all the filters people use to make their photos look better. 

“American Dream” Talks About the Country’s Current State

In the accompanying music video, he points out how there are so many homeless people in the country. So, he wonders, is this the American dream? “I found God outside of a gun range. She looked me in the eye and she asked me for change. And if I. Had a dollar for every time I didn’t care. I could finally die a millionnaire. Wanna play but I don’t wanna fight fair. American drеam but it’s kind of a nightmare,” are some of the lyrics in the song.

“America has never been a stranger place,” Bryce says. “People are consistently divided, so rather than further that divide, I wanted to take the angst and unease that many of us are feeling, put a tongue-in-cheek spin on it, and make a song you can bang your head to. I think it’s best summed up with the lyric ‘The American Dream ain’t what it used to be, it’s kind of a nightmare.'” 

Last month, I got the opportunity to see Bryce live at his Chicago tour stop, where he played this song before its official release. If you want to know what that was like, you can read the article here!

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