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I Miss Bryce Vine a Little After Seeing Him on Tour

Rapper and R&B artist Bryce Vine is currently on his “Miss You A Little” tour, and I got the opportunity to see him when he made a stop in Chicago on February 6.

Abhi The Nomad and Gianny & Kyle Warm up the Stage

Doors opened at 6 PM at Park West, one of my favorite venues in the city. Not tiny but not huge, people are able to walk around if they want to, sit down at their tables, or just hang out with their friends while waiting for the artists to take the stage.

Anyway, back to the concert review. The tour was clearly organized and planned, as everything happened smoothly. At 6:30, one of the support acts, Abhi The Nomad, took the stage accompanied by his crew. He certainly warmed up the crowd, who started dancing and getting loose. After his performance came to an end, a short break came just before special guests Gianni & Kyle came out to perform their set. Their energy was vibrant, and the audience definitely sensed it. People were jumping, dancing, singing, and just having a good time. 

Bryce Vine Takes Over Chicago

When the opening acts finished performing their sets, another break took place. But, at 8:35, Bryce Vine came out to get everyone present chanting and screaming. The 20-song setlist was just incredible, as he kicked off the night with one of his hit songs “Glamorama.” Just then, I realized that pretty much everyone in the audience knew his lyrics by heart (which is not easy considering he’s a rapper.)

Bryce went on to sing newer songs like “Empty Bottles,” “Care At All” and, of course, the track that gives the tour its name, “Miss You A Little.” He didn’t forget about some oldies, tho. He performed “Classic And Perfect,” “Bella” and his hit collaboration alongside Loud Luxury “I’m Not Alright;” which made everyone dance like there was no tomorrow.

As well, he performed some unreleased music. His upcoming song, “American Dream” is – drum roll please – really freaking good. It’s a mix of hip hop and rock, making it a really fun song to listen to. Hopefully, he releases it soon! I can’t wait to listen to it again. 

Ending The Miss You A Little Tour the Best Way Possible

Bryce finished the night the best way possible. He indeed saved the best for last, as he performed “Sunflower Seeds,” “Nowhere Man” and “La La Land” before walking off stage to make everyone think it was the end of the night. But oh, they thought wrong! Bryce came back to perform an incredible encore, which featured his biggest hits “Drew Barrymore,” “Guilty Pleasure” and “Sour Patch Kids.” In the last song, the audience was bombarded with beach balls, which they were able to play with while singing and dancing. 

Overall, it was a really fun concert. Make sure to catch him when he’s in your city next time!

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