Bryce Vine Goes Back to His Pop-Punk Roots on “Empty Bottles”

Bryce Vine is back with a new single; but this time, it’s not the usual indie-pop sound we are used to getting from him. He recruited pop-punk star Mod Sun to assist with the sound he wanted to come after, and they achieved it indeed. “Empty Bottles” is the new pop-punk track from these artists and you won’t regret listening to it.

Bryce Changes the Rhythm on “Empty Bottles”

Bryce is known for his soulful and indie-infused songs. His soothing and unique vocals blend with the tunes flawlessly, and he always either makes us dance or want to chill on the couch listening to them. His last tracks, “Miss You A Little,” and “The Holiday” prove these facts. But this time, he decided to change things up a little bit.

It turns out that Bryce is not a stranger to pop-punk, and actually grew up listening to it. Now, he just decided it was time to make his own music in this genre and try different things out. “I grew up on pop-punk,” he tells People at the song’s release party hosted by Malibu Rum. “I used to go to Warped Tour as a kid and I was in the mosh pits and s— but as years went on, that kind of got lost. But I’ve always had a heart for pop-punk.”

His Love For The Genre Goes Way Back

He then talked about having a good friend back in high school who he would sing and listen to pop-punk songs with. Eventually, they ended up accidentally forming a band in which he sang and she played the drums. “We wrote, we performed all over my little small town for like two, three years together, and still to this day, we’ll get back together for band practices,” he says. “But that’s how I started writing songs. That’s how I got into Berklee College of Music, by playing one of the songs that I had written with that band.”

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