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“SNL” With Host And Musical Guest Bad Bunny + Special Guests

October has been an eventful month full of surprises for Bad Bunny fans. After announcing his Most Wanted Tour to promote his October LP, Bunny makes his third appearance on Saturday Night Live. However, the singer/rapper was both the host and musical guest for last night’s show (October 21).

Bad Bunny Returns To The SNL Stage For The Third Time

The Puerto Rican musician, whose birth name is Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, made cameos in sketches, recited his own monologue, and performed “MONACO” and “UN PREVIEW” for the live audience. Introducing Bad Bunny’s live performance of “UN PREVIEW” was none other than legendary musician, Lady Gaga. The two tracks from Bunny’s latest effort, nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana, have racked up the most streams, excluding the lead single “WHERE SHE GOES.” Not to mention, nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana broke the record for 2023’s most streamed album in a single day on Spotify.

For the “MONACO” SNL live performance, the rapper was seated at a rectangular table surrounded by dancers wearing ski masks. Bunny sported a bejeweled vest-like accessory over his all-black outfit. Then, the “UN PREVIEW” performance featured Bad Bunny rapping in front of a white backdrop with a carousel horse. 

The Rapper Delivers Captivating Monologue With Surprise Guest

Benito’s charming monologue began with him dismissing the critics who say he cannot host SNL because “English is not his first language.” He shrugs it off by simply responding, “I do whatever I want,” and continues his monologue in Spanish. Much to the audience’s surprise, actor Pedro Pascal joined Benito on stage to translate some of his comments into English.

Bad Bunny Puts On His Acting Hat

Impressively, Bad Bunny flaunted his acting expertise in the SNL sketches playing Shrek, a nun, a king and more. To top it off, Mick Jagger made surprise cameos in two sketches. One in which the rockstar slaps Bad Bunny while they star in a Spanish soap opera skit. 

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