BIA is Cold on “BESITO” with G Herbo

BIA, Boston native rapper and model, released her new single “BESITO” this week with G Herbo. The track, akin to most of her discography, is all about getting the bag despite any obstacles. BIA also pays homage to her Puerto Rican heritage by rapping in two languages, English and Spanish, throughout the track. G Herbo‘s verse is the perfect addition to such a livened up single. For all these reasons and more, we’re featuring “BESITO” for our New Music Monday here at Music Daily.

BIA’s Impressive Language Switching

Throughout “BESITO”, BIA switches seamlessly between English and Spanish. In the chorus, she raps, “tú lo sabe’ que lo vengo al cheque (Que lo vengo al cheque, ayy).” This feat is even more impressive when it’s done over an unchanging flow – BIA raps in two different languages on the same beat, with the exact same timing.

G Herbo Compliments BIA

G Herbo, a Chicago native, compliments BIA’s flow without overtaking it. Best known for his jarring raps, like in “PTSD” and “Pull Up,” G Herbo steps to the side and lets BIA take over. His voice is relatively understated on “BESITO,” but such a contrast creates depth in the single. It’s safe to say that even though the Chicago rap giant raps quieter, his presence still looms large.

Music Video Makes Us Miss Summer

The music video for “BESITO” also released. It takes us to the streets of Puerto Rico with BIA and G Herbo, and features some stunning clips of the female model. The duo are seen taking turns in a boxing ring, relaxing on beautiful beaches, and dancing with a whole crew. All these scenes of warm weather and sunshine are making us miss summer!

More to Come from BIA

“BESITO” is a certified banger, but it’s not the first from BIA. Last year, the artist gained fame when “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY” went viral on TikTok, and later earned a feature remix with Nicki Minaj. Not to mention, the upcoming rapper just announced on Twitter another collaboration – this time with T-Pain and Kehlani. 


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