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Charlotte Cardin Talks Revenge On “Sad Girl”

Charlotte Cardin just gave us the last piece of her highly-anticipated debut album Phoenix, droppingApril 23. Her latest single, “Sad Girl,” takes us deeper into the Canadian singer-songwriter’s life.

Charlotte Returns After Nearly Two Years

Charlotte began teasing this new project back in September. Her single “Passive Aggressive” came out almost two years prior to the album’s release. With almost two million views on YouTube alone, it was certainly well received. “‘Passive Aggressive’ is basically a song about the relief, celebration, and liberation you feel once you get rid of a toxic relationship. It’s about a very passive-aggressive ex and just those toxic vibes. It’s being happy to be on your own and embrace your inner strength,” she explains.

The song has a cool alternative pop vibe. Mixed with Charlotte’s angelical vocals, it sounds amazing. It was a great single for her.

“Sad Girl” comes out as the follow-up to the particularly popular singles “Daddy” and “Meaningless.” Both of these are set to be featured on the album. Although musically all of her singles are very different from each other, they connect through their lyricism. Charlotte shares, “‘Sad Girl’ is a revenge tale about a girl who has an infinite amount of tears. She draws her power through sadness. She, therefore, seeks sorrow in order to grow and eliminate her enemies (AKA all her exes).'”


Her Debut Album Drops At The End of The Month

Charlotte first debuted back in 2015 with her first single. Since then, she’s released plenty more – and even an EP in 2017! She went on tour, noticing that, little by little, the venues where she was playing were getting bigger and the crowd swelled. After thinking about creating a full-length album for a while, Phoenix finally became a reality.

“I was always able to show what I thought people wanted to see. Even sometimes not knowing if I was giving something that I really wanted to give or if it was just something that I thought was expected from me. For Phoenix, I really tried to set all of that aside and just show the real deal,” she shared in an interview with Exclaim.

Stay on the lookout for Charlotte Cardin’s debut album coming out on April 23. In the meantime, enjoy “Sad Girl” along with the rest of her catalog!

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