Baby Queen is Proud to Be a “Wannabe”

Breakout artist Baby Queen shared her latest track, the empowering anthem “Wannabe.” The song arrives on the heels of her debut album The Yearbook, which just came out in September.

Baby Queen Doesn’t Let Haters Get in Her Head

Back in July, Baby Queen shared a taste of her debut album with “You Shaped Hole.” Along with that single, the singer kept showing her versatility by releasing other singles like “These Drugs” and “American Dream.”

Now, only two months after her album arrived, the artist is ready to keep sharing music with her new single “Wannabe.” The song, showcasing her cleverness once more, talks about how other people think she is a “loser” and a “wannabe,” who will never gain recognition or get far in her career. Baby Queen, proudly mocking those people, shares in her lyrics, “To all the stoners, the junkies and loners and menthol ciggie smokers, I am the queen of everything. But to the bullies who made fun of my hoodies. And used to say that I couldn’t sing. I guess I’ll always be a wannabe, baby. Making art, pop music about the drugs I’m using. If you want to be a wannabe, baby. Then set yourself free and you can be a loser like me.”

She Will Kick Off Her First Headlining Tour in April

Speaking exclusively with Gay Times, Baby Queen opened up about the song’s meaning and talked about her sexuality. “I used to be friends with a couple of people in West London over here and I remember feeling really bad about being bisexual. People sort of make you feel shit about who you are, and I remember being called a wannabe in school. Then I was writing this song and I was like, if I’m a wannabe then that’s the f*cking coolest thing in the world! Look how f*cking fun this is! Let’s be f*cking losers together. It’s a bit of an anthem. Man, I have no idea. It’s a weird little song. I have no idea where it came from.”

Next April, Baby Queen will be headlining her first UK tour across 6 cities. For more information and tickets, check out her official website.

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