spill tab’s Sweet New Single “Anybody Else”

Breakout artist spill tab just dropped a new single, “Anybody Else,” which arrives only a month after “PISTOLWHIP.”

spill tab Is An Alternative Pop Star

If you are a fan of alternative or indie pop, spill tab’s music is definitely for you. Her music is undeniably different from other artists, as she always makes sure to add her personal touch. 

Although spill tab only started releasing songs in September 2019, her fanbase has grown significantly. She has just under 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify – and the numbers just keep going up! Her single “Cotton Candy” came out in August 2020. It’s about to hit five million streams, on it’s own!

“Anybody Else” showcases a new side of spill tab. In the fresh song, she reveals to her partner that she wants to take a step forward in the relationship and become exclusive. “You got me hopelessly involved in something. Pinning myself on floorboards. Hoping I won’t say it, but…I like you, don’t like anybody else. I crave you, I will keep you to myself. Know I could keep you guessing. But I know you want it.”

How She Describes “Anybody Else”

Spill tab talked about the meaning behind the lyrics of “Anybody Else” in a press release. “This song is cheesy as f*ck but I love it. It’s pretty straightforward, a little shameless – the lyrics are sort of a way of expressing my love without openly saying I love you.”

“Anybody Else” came accompanied by a compelling music video, where she takes the lead in the relationship with her partner(s – each activity is done with a different person) and does different things such as watering him, putting candy on his face, and even shaving his legs. During the entire video, her boyfriend(s) stay still, indicating that he’s going to follow spill tab’s instructions and not “be shared” with anyone.

About the music video, spill tab shared, “Jade Sadler (the video director) and I just wanted to have a shit ton of fun on this one. We thought about something with narrative or plot and it was just getting to be too corny. I wanted something lighthearted and playful, so we decided we would have all of our homies in this video paired with different colors and angles and set designs. I’m so excited with the way it turned out.”

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