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Saturday’s “VAX LIVE” To Prove Selena Gomez Is The Perfect Host

Global Citizen’s “VAX LIVE” concert on May 8 is set to be hosted by Selena GomezShe is the perfect choice, as it only makes sense to have a multi-talented star host a multi-network broadcast.


Selena Gomez Is All About Advocacy & Activism

Since the start of her career, Selena Gomez has worked tirelessly to give back to both her fans and the world. 


She has performed at a variety of events for charity and to benefit many communities around the globe. Her passion for educating and informing has led to hosting WE Day shows in person and online. WE Day is a service-based charity organization that hosts annual, stadium-sized empowerment events for students around the world.


As well, Gomez is a UNICEF Ambassador – and has been for a decade! In that position she has travelled to many countries to build homes, educate, and learn about other cultures. She also puts on shows all around the globe where possible.


Messages in Movies, Music, & More

This past year, she turned her Instagram account over to deserving activists, speakers, and educators. She did this during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement to show support. Additionally, she spent much of 2020 promoting voting rights, working alongside Stacey Abrahams and Michelle Obama.


Since her first album, she has imparted empowerment, wisdom, and hope into her songs. Although she is not performing at Global Citizen’s “VAX LIVE,” their idea falls in line with all she does.


One of her first hits, “Who Says,” was an uptempo pop song that talked the importance of loving yourself for you are. In a world where everyone’s a critic, it’s vital to hear a famous person relate to you. Learning to accept your beauty and not let it derail your life is the exact purpose of the beloved hit song. She has maintained that message throughout her entire music career. Last year the star dropped a song called “Vulnerable,” which was the older sister to “Who Says,” meaning-wise. (Plus, it showed a deeper dance-pop vibe than her early work, which was pop rock based.)


Inclusion is also something the star supports – and even portrayed on the big screen! The Fundamentals of Caring had Selena Gomez playing opposite Paul Rudd and Craig Roberts back in 2016. This film focused on telling the poignant story of an adolescent boy with cerebral palsy.


Impactful and Purposeful: A Look Into Selena Gomez’s Latest Endeavor

Selena Gomez used 2020 to embark on an passion project that made her an entrepreneur, as well. Rare Beauty is Gomez’s new, beloved, and acclaimed beauty collection. It’s purpose is to promote inner beauty and use the products to highlight your genuine features. 


When it began last year, Gomez started The Rare Impact Fund alongside it. It pledges that Rare Beauty will raise $100 million for mental health resources. As a mental health advocate, this charity is important to Gomez, her fans, and the world at large. 


The pop star and “VAX LIVE” host is working hard to change the world for the better. Why? Because Selena Gomez does everything for those around her, including her wide array of fans around the globe. Many of whom are expected – and should – tune into Global Citizen’ “VAX LIVE” show on May 8.

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