Mod Sun & Avril Lavigne Celebrate The Success Of “Flames”

Last week, Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne (our new favorite alt rock duo) went the acoustic route for a new release. It’s special, though, even if it’s a bit out of the box for the urban rocker and punk princess.


Acoustic Stylings Can Be Just As Special

Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne just proved to the world that just because something is stripped down, it can still set the industry ablaze.


Flames” dropped earlier this year and remains a chart-topping alt rock hit. With a throaty electric guitar as a base and a wide range of vocals, the song was a sure success. Both Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne have their own approach to making top notch rock music for a modern era. Since her start at the beginning of the millennium, Lavigne was the world’s much needed punk princess. In between a sea of pop stars (Namely the Britney Spears and Mandy Moores of the world), Lavigne was different. She was outside of the norm, completely in her own lane, and showcasing her talents to the world. Hits like “Complicated” and “Sk8r Boi” cemented her place as a rockstar early on. 


Mod Sun, on the other hand, was a Blink-182 fan at heart, but made his career out of being a poet-turned-rapper. His hip-hop stylings were who he was as a writer, but not so much as a performer. After years of blending rap, pop, and rock – all with authentic urban undertones – he went the rock route. Unsurprisingly, it was his calling. His latest record, Internet Killed The Rockstar, was a rebirth for the stellar lyricist and creative performer.


Collaborating on this track, “Flames,” allowed the stars to align for both artists. Lavigne was able to reconnect with her musical roots and Sun got to drive further down the punk lane of his music. Due to its success and their love of the track, they dropped a new version of it – an acoustic one!


The duo’s decision to strip down their hit single “Flames” does not mean it’s now any less rocking than before. If anything, there are new levels in the song being discovered thanks to their evident musical and personal connection.

Newfound Success

Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne clearly have something special going on. Their love, passion, and talent is evident individually, but soars to new heights when combined. Fans of both artists aren’t the only ones who have noticed it, nor the backing band for the acoustic set, but the official charts!


The original song has been on a steady rise to the top of the Alternative Rock Song Chart. It’s currently seated at No. 19, meaning it cracked the Top 20! (twenty one pilots’ latest hit, “Shy Away” is No 1, of course.) Mod Sun shared his appreciation for it’s continued success on Instagram.


“We cracked the TOP 20 on alt radio! Officially number 19 this week + the song is legit selling units! We are gonna do everything we can to keep this going, we are on the road to top 15 – top 10 – top 5 – number 1! Holy s*** it’s crazy typing this out….I’ve been praying for this. To all the DJ’s spinning “FLAMES” u are making my dreams come true…to all my friends out there requesting, i love u with all my heart…”

Mod Sun & Avril Lavigne: Duet Partners and… Life Partners?

Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne’s collaboration has brought more than just good music into their lives, and the lives of fans. Hopping in the studio together has resulted in true love! The über-talented duo are now dating as a result of their artistic collaboration and it’s magical.


Both watching and listening to the new acoustic video for “Flames” means feeling just how passionate both artists are. Although, it’s not just about the music, but each other. As the pair sings, “My whole life I’ve been on fire, I still burn for you,” the connection is deep. Mod Sun and Avril Lavinge’s vocal tones mesh beautifully, even if the former’s is grittier than the supple tones of the latter’s. Together, there’s a warmth in their performance.


It’s a nostalgic, intimate take on the original single. They pair are open, vulnerable, and melodic from the first stripped down note until the very end. Lavigne croons sweetly as she strums her guitar effortlessly. Sun’s authentic, emotional, gravelly voice shines in a wonderfully juxtaposing way. Two violinists accompany the alt rock duo on this acoustic collaboration, setting the stage for truly infatuating set. 


The way the two musicians look at each other and harmonize like it’s second nature is astounding. It helps take an already fiery, driven love song and turn it into an imagery-laden romance film. Even if it’s only a handful of minutes long, the relaxed, acoustic, atmospheric setting and clear dedication to both their craft and each other, this new version of Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne’s “Flames” is something out of an alternative rock storybook.

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