December 06, 2022

Aitch Announces Debut Album, Releases “1989”


British rapper and songwriter Aitch announced that his highly-awaited debut album will be arriving this fall.

The First Official Single: “1989”

That’s some good news for rap fans. The rising artist is finally unveiling his first album, and we can’t wait for it to be out already! So far, Aitch has reached success thanks to hit tracks like “Baby,” “War,” and “Joz Coz;” but that’s not it. He has also worked with great artists including Lil Pump, Young T, AJ Tracey, and even Ed Sheeran.

It was only a matter of time for him to release an album, and the time is coming really soon. But he did not only give the big announcement and left his wants wanting new music…alongside the release, Aitch released his new single “1989,” which will form part of the full-length project. 

“Always feel like I missed out on back in the day, from the stories I hear it was way better back then,” Aitch shared on his Instagram account about the song. “Obviously I’ve not figured out how to time travel yet so this is the closest I’m gonna get. This one’s for my old school Manchester heads! And the people who wish they were born earlier to experience it all. Put your shades on and rave like it’s 89.’”

Aitch’s Debut Album Close To Home is Coming This August

The song is a great start for what the album has to offer. In his announcement, Aitch shared, “Close To Home, my debut album! This one means a lot. The past 4 years have been crazy thank you to everyone that’s been involved I can’t appreciate you enough, whether you’ve been here from the start or not I got nothing but love. A lot of different emotions went into this I can’t wait to share it with u lot! Came this far without dropping an album and that’s all because of you, thank you for being patient with me. Let’s see how far this one takes us.”

Close To Home, Aitch’s debut album, is officially arriving on August 19. Mark your calendars!



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