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Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa and Young Thug All together on New Track “Potion”

Three big names on a track that is strongly a candidate to be one of the principal hits of this summer. We’re talking about “Potion,” Calvin Harris’ last project, which counts also on the presence of both Dua Lipa and Young Thug. The British producer has chosen two of his best men for this track. You’ll remember their collaboration on “One Kiss, for Dua Lipa, and “Heatstroke,” for Thug. “Potion” has just come out but has all the characteristics for rocking the latest drops and playlists. It’s a classic that never gets old: with a dance production, a good female voice and a rapper on it. Nothing out of ordinary, for real, but still a good song.

The trio has decided to take the easiest way to get what they want, and it works. “Potion” is objectively an enjoyable track but, on the other hand, doesn’t bring anything new to our music panorama. It’s something that doesn’t need to be listened to twice, ‘cause it’s all clear from the first listen. But I want to remark how this is not a problem, soft music exists and it’s also nice to hear.

“Potion” is now at the 25th place of Spotify’s global chart, which is mostly occupied by Bad Bunny’s new album “Un Verano Sin Ti”. But we all know how these things work. Yes, because most of the time it’s just a matter of time before a new track becomes something bigger. Prepare yourself, and trust my words when I say that “Potion” will be the smash of the summer (or at least one of them). So, if you wanna be one of the luckiest people who’ll say “I told you” to your friends, give it a listen.

The hope is that it will last more than a summer, but who knows. With Thug and Dua Lipa, Calvin Harris has chosen the easiest road to the succes. But there’s a but. Because sometimes the easiest road is also the best one, we’ll see. 

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