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5 Seconds of Summer Unveil “Take My Hand”

Australian pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer released their latest track “Take My Hand,” following up to “COMPLETE MESS.”

5 Seconds of Summer’s New Era is Gut-Wrenching

“Take My Hand” is the track that gives the band’s current world tour its name, and it’s the second one that they have released since the start of their new era. Following up on “COMPLETE MESS,” “Take My Hand” sticks to the same aesthetic and sound. Both singles are personal, real, and gut-wrenching, making this one of 5 Seconds of Summer’s best eras yet.

5 Seconds of Summer are planning to release their new album – which title has not been revealed yet – sometime this year. Fans are thinking that the album could be named in fact Take My Hand, so we’ll just have to wait and see!

Luke Hemmings Wrote “Take My Hand” All by Himself

“Take My Hand” was entirely written by lead vocalist Luke Hemmings and produced by guitarist Michael Clifford. The song talks about growing up and appreciating the people around you. “Take my hand, now and forever. Where I stand, how can you live and let die? Young man, look in the mirror. Take my hand, and don’t you ever let go,” Luke sings.

“‘Take My Hand’ is a song the band is extremely proud of,” Hemmings says. “We’re always proud of what we create, but this one is special. This one really feels like the heart of 5SOS. It’s about the fear of change in yourself and becoming accustomed to how you’ve always been. This song speaks on finally embracing that fear and embracing changes, because they’re changes for the better. It’s about realizing how lucky you are and never letting go of the one who helped you get to that place. We’re releasing it just before the first show of our tour in Dublin, and we can’t wait to play it live.”

Make sure to catch 5 Seconds of Summer live this year! All dates and tickets are available here.

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