100 gecs Announce New Album “10000 gecs”

Ten Times More Gecs

The biggest and blondest duo in hyperpop is back and ready to serve up a slew of chaotic and addictive pop bangers. 100 gecs took to Instagram to announce their new album 10000 gecs. They shared a photo of the album’s cover art, featuring Laura Les and Dylan Brady with some bold new ink. 10000 gecs is the follow-up to the duo’s 2019 debut, 1000 gecs. And fans have a lot to look forward to after the pair told Pitchfork that this album is “10 times as good as the last one”.

The Darlings of Hyperpop are Back

After their 2019 viral hit “money machine,” their self released debut had gathered a cult following. Laura Les and Dylan Brady’s glitchy, maximalist approach to electronic pop helped carve out the subgenre of hyperpop. Their style embraces all the mayhem and overstimulation of the internet age we live in. Each song is equally hypnotic and chaotic. When you listen to 100 gecs, it feels like scratching an itch in your brain that you didn’t know you had. They helped shine a spotlight on the genre, and their popularity has made it more accessible. 100 gecs are some of the most recognizable faces of hyperpop, along with Charli XCX, SOPHIE, and A.G. Cook.

All New Demos for 10000 gecs

The duo signed to Atlantic Records as they geared up to release their sophomore album. But it took longer than planned for the album to come together. Les and Brady had racked up 4,000 demo tracks and chosen 12 songs for the album. However, they decided to scrap the project and create all new songs for the album. Les told Pitchfork, “The songs just weren’t strong enough, point blank. And it just felt insincere.” After hitting the reset button on the album, 100 gecs had a new set of demos in two weeks’ time. The release date for the album has yet to be announced. But the duo promised on Instagram that the album is “coming soon to a theater near u“.





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