December 09, 2022

“LOVE FOR YAH”: Khi Infinite’s new beauty is finally out now!


It’s not easy at all to drop a record in the same period of time of giants as Drake and Kanye West, but Khi Infinite seems to really don’t care about that. “LOVE FOR YAH,” his last project released on the 27 of August, is what he needed to receive the right consideration. Twenty years old, from Virginia Beach, the rapper is the new hottest name of the urban genre. He has some big valid content that ranges from pop and R&B to hip hop.

Inspirations and attitude

Khi Infinite is the main character of his contemporary storytelling, always pleasant to listen to. What surprises in particular is the sincerity of the verses adding to the beauty of the melody. In that sense, “LOVE FOR YAH” also takes inspiration from the rhythm of African music, but with a modern attitude and a powerful chorus.

Khi Infinite, who made his debut at 17, has now got, after three years, the necessary maturity to definitely make a change in his life. The song is not only a gem of his discography, but also a continuation of a path started in 2018. The young rapper perfectly knows how to share his feelings in a valuable track as “LOVE FOR YAH“.

Power of music

The drop, without doubt, has all the characteristics for being a future hit. Khi Infinite wants to reveal all of his facets as well as fully express himself, but only with the power of the music. The simple lyrics are the only things that I’m feeling don’t get appreciated too much, at least for this work, but the man already showed all those precise qualities in the past. But hey, it’s ok, we’re always talking about rap music.

To end the speech, Khi Infinite is surely one to watch for the future, a gem that we, at Music Daily, hope found out first. Big up for him… and also wish you all a good listening!



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