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The absolute serve of Charli XCX’s “Good Ones”

Charli XCX shows to a funeral in the “Good Ones” music video

Pulling up in a red Mercedes and many bundles of hair for her ex’s funeral, Charli XCX has officially started her new era with her single “Good Ones” and its accompanying music video.  The video, directed by Hannah Lux Davis, is a story told by Charli. In the song, she sings about always losing the good ones in her life.  The video, however, shows how that is more of a loss for her ex-lovers than her.  As she dances around her past loved one’s grave we finally get to see what Miss XCX has been working on.  The outcome is the new pop-superstar form she has been teasing us with.

Decadent and 80’s

Covered in 80’s synths “Good Ones” talks about how Charli can’t get out of the pattern of choosing the difficult ones.  She instead, leaves the ones that couldn’t have loved her any better.  The 2:16 long track is short but oh so indulgent.  The song is in collaboration with producer Oscar Holter.  This marks the second time they’ve worked together since “1999” – the lead single for Charli’s 2019 self-titled album.  The two of them have now created a song that has made Angels more than ready for what Charli’s sell-your-soul era will bring.

She embraces selling-out for XCX5

The ushering of Charli XCX’s lead single to her fifth, and final, studio album with her label means a fresh concept for the artist.  A concept she has been describing as, “selling out” and “ultimate top-tier level“.  For the Angels, this could finally mean the commercial success that we know Charli has done before and can still do.  As a continuously boundary-pushing artist, Charli surprises, entices, and excites.  She is well-rounded enough to be able to fit perfectly into EDM raver “OUT OUT.”  While also, perfectly complementing A.G. Cook’s brilliant remix of Lady Gaga’s “911.”  Despite her death at the end of the “Good Ones” music video, Charli XCX is everlasting and evolutionary.  With XCX5 on the way, we are ready for the resurrection of a Charli that everyone is listening to.


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