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▶ Featured Artist: Charli XCX – Your Favorite Popstar

Charli XCX uses the pop bible and creates its second testament

CRASH album cover Charli XCXCharli XCX shows us that you can create a new pop bible, and still go back and use the original blueprint.  The UK singer has just released her 5th studio album Crash and is proving that her vast musical knowledge allows her to take from multiple different baskets to create something cohesive that borrows from them all.  With this, she can create something never heard before, that is still nostalgic.  Even better, she can take from classic sounds and totally reinvent them.  She proves this with Crash.

First, the album is the last of many projects on her record deal with Atlantic Records.  On her way out she wants to have what she calls her “main pop girl moment”.  Thus far, the star has given us just that.  Dance-filled music videos, exposing interviews, racy magazine covers, and tracks sampling classic pop hits have made Charli her most powerful yet.  The star is selling out, and it is absolutely going to make her sell out (copies of Crash).

A full-throttle approach to this era

Leading up to Crash‘s release Charli gave us multiple singles.  First, of course, was the devilish creation that is “Good Ones“.  Here, Charli really cemented her do-all-be-all goal for this era.  Soon after, the heavy synth stylings of “New Shapes” hinted at the 80’s nostalgia woven into this project.  Later, “Baby” proved that Charli was serious about that style choice and that she could do it well.  Then, “Beg For You” with Rina Sawayama interpolated September’s “Cry For You” further proving that Charli was really leaning into the fantasy of being a pop star on a major record label.  The song took a 2000’s club banger and made it a pop song revamped to take the radio over again in a fresher fashion.  Right before the album’s drop, Charli did this once again with “Used To Know Me” – an interpolation of  “Show Me Love” by Robin S.  Altogether, proving that Charli has an ear for what sounds good.  She hears a beat completely played out from generations before and brings it – not just into now – but the future.

Charli XCX

According to Charli, we can expect a deluxe version of Crash soon.  Additionally, the star will begin the tour for her album soon.  Check out our OnStage section for more details.  Lastly, stay tuned for our full review of Charli XCX’s fifth studio album, Crash.

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