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LoveJSan Releases “Take Your Time”

LoveJSan has returned with another thought-provoking, distinctive single, “Take Your Time.” The young alternative-rap artist has grown his fanbase through honest, visceral music and his latest release is no different. “Take Your Time” captures all of the mixed emotions that come with growing up, and LoveJSan vocalizes them perfectly.

“Take Your Time” is Relatable

LoveJSan’s music has evolved with him as he continues to develop a sound uniquely his own. His latest single, which dropped March 10th on all streaming platforms, is vulnerable and exciting. With lyrics like “Life has its highs but it feels so low / At the same time,” it’s hard not to relate to the track. “Take Your Time” can be interpreted in a variety of different ways, and perhaps that’s the whole point. LoveJSan points out that though our experiences are not the same, we all share in the same time on this earth… so let’s take our time and make it count.

LoveJSan Masters Many Genres

“Take Your Time” is an ethereal blend of quite a few genres, including alternative, rock, and rap. LoveJSan blurs the lines between modern music and nostalgia, and the result is intoxicating. Raw vocals overtop animated percussion makes this single a must-listen. You can listen to his new track here.

Our Previous Featured Artist

If LoveJSan sounds familiar, it may be because we covered him as a featured artist here at MusicDaily. He spoke about his transition from rap to alternative punk, as well as why he started making music. He says he first started making hip-hop music due to household influences, and then switched to punk rock and indie. It’s apparent now that he has learned to blend those genres together into a cohesive, inspiring discography.

At Music Daily, we’re excited to see where LoveJSan’s journey takes him. Check back here often for more updates!

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