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Rock Band Adult Mom Crashes In With New Single “91”

Rock band Adult Mom releases the road-rage “91,” a one-off sing following their third album, “Driver.”

Rock Band Adult Mom Crashes In With New Single "91"
via Instagram @adultmomband: it is RELEASE WEEK BABY!!!! Driver is out this Friday everywhere ❤️ check out this interview with @thelineofbestfit at the link in my “updates” highlights ❤️?❤️ stunning pic by @danieldorsa

Music Discovery: Adult Mom

Adult Mom is Stevie Knipe’s (the lead singer’s) DIY indie-pop project from 2012 in her bedroom. In the early days, she released four EPs and one mini-album to Bandcamp, which is an American internet music company. Knipe’s first album titled “Momentary Lapse of Happily” was released in 2015 on the Tiny Engines label. However, their relationship soured overtime after making another record. In late 2019, she published a series of tweets about Tiny Engines’ three years of royalty payments. Ultimately, the label paid back the band while agreeing to return the masters for both records released by the label.

Now, she has a full band including; guitarist Allegra Eidinger and drummer Olivia Battell. Last year, they released “Driver,” their third album, but their first for Epitaph Records. Pitchfork says, “If their first album, 2015’s Momentary Lapse of Happily, was intimate as a dorm-room performance, Driver feels bigger like it’s performed from a stage”. On the record, her emotions are intense and all-too-real as she spirals into self-doubt. And while she comes out on the other side, “Driver” documents all the messiness and acknowledges the good and bad of Knipe. A standout from the album is “Berlin,” a layered track filled with bittersweet nostalgia.

“91” By Adult Mom Analysis

The single feels like a continuation of “Driver” and presents similar pent-up feelings from the album. In a press release, Knipe says, “’91’ was one of the first songs I intentionally wrote for Driver. It’s a song that details escape in the most literal sense. The track opens with country strings as if cruising down a highway, and steadily they start drumming along. In the refrain, the guitars are abundant, and her voice grows louder, showing despair. She sings, “I break your heart / With every lane that I merge through / It’s a selfish escape / I no longer breathe for you.” The soft vocal layering in the background adds to her restlessness and shows again in the bridge as she questions her choices. But instead, she reves up the guitar strings – plucking them to refrain with glee.

Kyle Pulley, the Thin Lips producer who produced “Driver,” also produced this folky rocker. Sometimes you just need to pack up your things and leave negativity behind– and this song is your wake-up call!


What do you think of Adult Mom’s newest single, “91”? Let us know in the comments!

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