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Charli XCX is Peak Sexy with “Baby”

Like it or not Charli XCX continues to make hits

Charli XCX Via Twitter for Baby music video

The genre-making, expectation-defying, Charli XCX returns with her new single “Baby” and its seductive music video.  With constant teases of the single, fans have been patiently (not really) waiting for this one. “Baby” is the fourth single for her upcoming fifth studio album Crash.  At this point in her campaign, Charli has released singles “Good Ones,” “New Shapes,” “Beg For You” and now with her latest single “Baby.”  All of which have accompanying music videos.  Altogether, with her current era, Charli is creating a reminiscence of 80s synth-pop seeping with deviant lyrics and sultry visuals.

Evil and Gorgeous

On Apple Music 1 she tells Zane Lowe, “This kind of hyper-sexualized, feminine power zone was where I was feeling myself going, and Baby was the genesis of this.”  Glowing with rising synths the track is very seductive.  The lyric “Baby” sprinkles throughout the track to the effect of hypnotization.  Like a siren, she guarantees to make you hers, but with a catch.  With that, she tells: “You know I’ll break your heart/Tear it into tiny pieces” in the bridge of the song.  It is sinister but it’s sexy.

With Justin Raisen producing the track, Charli gets nostalgic with her own career.  As a prominent producer on her debut album True Romance, Charli comes full circle as an artist signed to Atlantic Records.  Intentional or not, Crash has 80s influences as does True Romance.  With a softer sound than her early music, “Baby” features a funk-inspired guitar and entertaining violin sequences.  Overall, the track adds a cheekiness to a string of singles with a more self-destructive tone.

The music video for the track shows Charli delivery choreography at her best.  Visually, the blue-hue video is 80s reminiscent.  Further, Charli dances to her sex-filled lyrics in a black leather fringe set.  Easily, it is her best music video to date.

Charli XCX’s upcoming album, Crash, is out March 18th.

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