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Zara Larsson Shares New Single ‘You Love Who You Love’ From Upcoming Album

Zara Larsson's new album, 'VENUS,' is out February 9 via Epic Records.

In 2024, Zara Larsson has determined red flags are so out. Last Tuesday (Jan. 16), the 26-year-old announced her forthcoming album, VENUS, with another edgy glimpse, titled “You Love Who You Love.” Pre-order VENUS by Zara Larsson here!

The hotly anticipated record (out Feb. 9) is a flamboyant evolution, poised with personal exploration and modern love. Whether with a partner (“You Love Who You Love”), family (“On My Love”), your craft (“End Of Time”) or with yourself (“Can’t Tame Her”), it’s Zara’s most dynamic and fully-realized work to date. 

Produced by rising duo MTHR and penned with Larsson’s frequent collaborator, MNEK, “You Love Who You Love” holds a lot of meaning. In a press statement, Zara recalls, “we started writing over PRIDE, and began talking about how amazing it is that anyone can love anyone – but that doesn’t mean you always should! We’ve all had that friend, or been that friend, who keeps going back to someone who’s bad for them, and ‘You Love Who You Love’ is saying enough is enough.”

The album artwork took social media by storm. Zara cosplays as the newly born Aphrodite with a sole oyster shell covering her bits. “Pre-order if you’re SEXYYYY,” she urges fans in the caption. A decade into her career and Zara’s energy never dwindles. If anything, “You Love Who You Love” exemplifies a true Scandi pop-rock anthem.

Celebrating the many shades of love and owning all sides of herself, Zara put it best in a press statement: “it’s a little bit all over the place, but that’s honestly just very me!” A millions-selling mainstream artist with enduring, subversive appeal, Zara finds strength in VENUS’ vulnerability. VENUS is a pop album fit for a goddess but graced with a human touch.

Stream “You Love Who You Love” by Zara Larsson below. In other pop news, Tyla recently announced a world tour.

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temp yahoomail
temp yahoomail
1 month ago

I’m not sure how I ended up here, but I thought this post was awesome. I have no idea who you are, but you will become a well-known blogger if you aren’t already. Salutations.