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Tyla Announces World Tour for 2024

After the breakout success of her 2023 single, “Water,” Tyla is eyeing a massive 2024. At the start of December, she teased that her debut album will be arriving in March, and the news didn’t stop there. Tyla is getting ahead of things, announcing a world tour that’ll kick off in just a few months.

The First Tyla Headlining Tour Tackles Europe & The US

Much like that debut record, this tour is self-titled, at least from early indications and promotional materials. Split into two parts, its first leg will cover a handful of US & European dates. That begins with a March 21st concert in Oslo, before the South African product makes her way through Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam—culminating with an April 1st show in London.

From there, she heads stateside, arriving for an April 22nd date in San Francisco. This West Coast half takes her first through Seattle, then Portland, Vancouver and Denver on May 1st. In the last stretch, she’ll be on the road for the entirety of May, hitting hotspots like Miami, Atlanta, DC and Philly before the 27-night slate concludes in Minneapolis on the 28th. However, there are some locations noticeably absent from that list of dates above.

A photo of South African singer Tyla, taken from the photo shoot for the cover of her self-titled debut album. On top of her first LP, Tyla is going on tour to coincide with its release, a world series that'll take her through the US and Europe. Taken from @tyla on Instagram.
Taken from @tyla on Instagram.

Though the upcoming tour for Tyla will take her through plenty of notable spots, it seems both Los Angeles and New York City will have to wait a bit longer for her debut there, as this world tour includes no shows slated for either major city.

For one of R&B’s fastest-rising stars, Tyla is for now the owner of a scant discography, with just a few singles aside from “Water” under her belt. The release of her debut will certainly change that, and this first headlining tour will no doubt give her the chance to begin making her mark on the live event side of things. You can head to her official website for more detailed information on how to get your hands on tickets. And if you’d like to learn more about the meteoric rise of the South African singer, check out our Featured Artist profile covering exactly that.

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