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Jeremy Renner Drops Cathartic EP “Love and Titanium”

Jeremy Renner and His Love and Titanium

Marvel actor Jeremy Renner had just dropped his seven-track EP, Love and Titanium. The album is inspired by Renner’s snowplow accident from this time last year, January 2023.

Love and Titanium has a runtime of 25 minutes, but every minute feels heavy with significance. Before the album’s release, Renner said that it was a cathartic project. Songwriting was a way for the actor to process and accept a multitude of things. From his injuries to the tough realities of physical therapy to the healing, both physically and mentally, that had to be done, Renner powered through it. And, Love and Titanium is the result.

In an Instagram post on the day of the album’s release, Renner spoke about his thankfulness. He wrote in the caption, “I am overwhelmed and astonished by the kindness of others….” He contiued, “I live and breathe in gratitude for the opportunity to witness these pure HUMAN experiences … I have nothing left to say except thank you all 🙏🏼.” He also shared a behind-the-scenes video clip in the post.


At the beginning of 2024, Renner released his single, “Wait,” off of the EP. The single brought up the question of asking people to wait for someone to heal. It also brings up the love and devotion in asking that of people, despite the growing pains that come with healing.

Renner portrays these emotions very well in the pre-chorus of the song. He sings, “For whatever it’s worth, I know that it hurts / You are the ocean and I am the earth / Hide in my head, leave things unsaid / I am the needle and you are the thread.”

Make sure to give Love and Titanium a listen, as well as all the love that it deserves.

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