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YUNGBLUD & WILLOW Collide on “Memories”

English pop-punk star YUNGBLUD and WILLOW joined forces for the new track “Memories;” out now via LOCOMOTION, Geffen Records, and Universal Music Canada.

“Memories” is About Letting Go Of Past Traumas

When two of the hottest pop-punk stars collaborate on a song together, it is very likely that is going to be a hit. With “Memories,” YUNGBLUD and WILLOW prove that this is true, as the song is nothing but fierce, powerful, and catchy. If you are a fan of this genre, you have to listen to this tune.

In “Memories,” the pair acts as ex-lovers who are trying to move on from their relationship, and literally forget all the memories they had together so they can continue with their lives. “I wish I could just let go. Of all the memories I know. Of all the memories I know. But they’re still stuck in my brain,” YUNGBLUD sings in the chorus.

“This song is about letting go of past traumas you may have experienced and voicing them to the world,” YUNGBLUD says about “Memories.” “There’s something freeing about turning painful memories from your past into lessons for your future – I want people to scream this song out and it be cathartic. It’s about coming together and shedding pain, turning it into positive energy and sharing the burden with each other.”

“I love Willow, I think she’s phenomenal,” YUNGBLUD expressed about the collab in an interview with Apple Music. “I think she’s very rare. She’s got a voice that will transcend for years to come. I think she’s got something to say. And I think what’s so sick about her is that it’s another artist at the minute that’s pushing rock and roll forward. I think she represents something and I think she represents something and she has something to say and I back it, man.”

YUNGBLUD & WILLOW’s Upcoming Shows

YUNGBLUD is currently on the UK and European leg of his Life on Mars tour, which will go on until June 10 wrapping up in Dublin, Ireland. WILLOW, on the other hand, is joining Machine Gun Kelly this summer on some stops of his Mainstream Sellout tour. For tickets to YUNGBLUD’s tour, click here. For tickets for WILLOW’s shows, click here.

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