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Nina Nesbitt Talks Family on “Dinner Table”

Back in April, Nina Nesbitt released “Dinner Table,” a slow, vulnerable melody centered around family and ancestry. The cover, just as the lyrics, showcases three generations of women from Nesbitt’s family.

Nina Nesbitt’s Family Backstory

Nina floats over a piano-driven tune, singing about her grandmother and mother’s origins. She coos, “Three generations / born in different decades / Some things have changed / but we got the same heartbreaks.” The young pop artist continues to delve into the backstory of her family members, recounting her findings through song.

A Nostalgic Video

Nina Nesbitt’s vocals are a triumph. She sings softly, building anticipation with whispered falsettos. Her vocals are complimented by a backing of guitar, piano, and percussion. Nesbitt’s talents and the backing melody create a dreamy, magnetic track. The “Dinner Table” music video is just as wonderful. It’s featuring candid footage of Nina, her mother, and her grandmother. The video captures perfectly the feelings of nostalgia and familiarity. Nesbitt filmed and edited the “Dinner Table” video herself.  You can watch it below.


“Dinner Table” is Magical

Of the track, Nesbitt says, “I wrote “Dinner Table” about the three generations of women in my family. It tells the story of the parallels and differences in our lives, growing up in different decades, but the magic of gathering round a table and talking for hours still hasn’t changed.” Nina Nesbitt, of course, expresses that magic with lingering, soft vocals and unguarded lyrics.

Not Too Personal

On Instagram, Nina wrote, “I’m so proud of this song and it’s one of my favourites on the album. It was inspired by sitting round the table with my gran, talking for hours, after not being able to fly to sweden to see her for over a year… I always thought this song was too personal of a story but to see how it’s connected with you all so far has been so heartwarming.”

More from Nina Nesbitt

“Dinner Table” is the second track from Nina in 2022. In February, she released “When You Lose Someone,” an incredibly vulnerable track about heartbreak. Both of her most recent releases are gentle melodies with soft-pop undertones. Going forward, hopeful that her next releases will be just as wonderful. We are so excited to listen to more of her upcoming music here at MD!

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