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Your Valentine’s Day Playlists

Valentine’s Day Love Songs

Valentine’s Day is here and whether or not you plan to spend your day smelling roses or stuffing your face with drugstore chocolates.  – We’ve got a song for you. Here are some of our top picks from your favorite artists for the day of love. 

People Watching by Conan Gray

Are you looking for love? Conan Gray recently posted a tik tok for Valentine’s Day. He said his song “People Watching” is for his fans who “will still be single on February 14th.” With lyrics like “I want to feel all that love and emotion / be that attached to the person I’m holding / someday I’ll be falling / but for now I’m only people watching,” Gray gives a voice to an often forgotten community who are spending Valentine’s Day romanticizing their future love story. Conan Gray’s “People Watching” is the perfect song to daydream to. 

Home by Catie Turner 

With soft guitar strums and a sweet voice, Catie Turner’s “Home” is the perfect song for those spending Valentine’s Day apart from their special someone. Long distance is hard on any day, but it is especially hard on Valentine’s Day. Turner’s lyrics “as I sleep on the other side of the country / I wonder how it feels to be safe in the palm of your hand / and I just want to go home” vocalizes what it is like to be in love with someone far away. Get ready for your long distance FaceTime date with Catie Turner’s “Home.” 

Apple Pie by Lizzy McAlpine 

Lizzy McAlpine’s “Apple Pie” is the perfect song for those who have found the love they’ve been looking for. It is soft and dreamy with backing guitars and piano. Lyrics like “I found you under an April sky / and you feel like city life / apple pie baked just right / home is wherever you are tonight. ” These bring a smile to your face as you think about the person you call home. It is the perfect Valentine’s Day song for those spending the day with their person. 

For more love songs check out Music Daily’s content creator Kelsey Perry’s playlist “Yearning”.

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