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Lauv Shares Personal Single “26”

Singer, songwriter, and producer Lauv is officially back with a new single. “26” arrives as a preview of his upcoming album, set for release later this year.

Lauv is Releasing a New Album This Year

Lauv’s last album how i’m feeling came out in March 2020, exactly one week before the Covid-19 pandemic started. Due to this, the singer wasn’t able to go out and tour the album as he would have liked. Instead, he focused on writing more music while in quarantine, which inspired the upcoming album. 

Although there is no word about what the next album will be called or when it’s coming out, Lauv has revealed that it’s coming sometime this year. “26” arrives as the very personal lead single for the album, and it’s already making us anxious to hear the rest of it. 

Quarantine Inspired “26”

The electric guitar-driven song talks about Lauv’s personal experience from the last couple of years. He relates how fame hit him all at once, and his life changed. “Can I tell you a story. About a boy who broke his own heart? And he always blamed everybody else. But the truth is that he did it to himself. Made a couple songs and they got big. And thought that he could do whatever he wanted. But it all left him with a hole in his heart,” he sings in the opening verse.

Lauv shared, “I wrote ’26’ about growing up and trying to find your light, the one you lose touch with as you get older. It marks the moment I’m stepping back into the world and taking control of my narrative again.”

While in an interview with Billboard, Lauv talked about not feeling the best during quarantine and writing the new album in the process. “I was just experiencing so much anxiety around stillness. And I feel like writing this album was kind of an exercise of pushing out of that, [and] being like, ‘What happens if I don’t think at all what I’m going to say? I don’t plan on what I’m going to say, no one ever even needs to hear it, who cares!’ I really wrote every song from that place.”

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