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J-Lo and Maluma Collab for New Movie “Marry Me”

J-Lo and Maluma

Pop Icon Jennifer Lopez and massive Colombian singer Maluma have dropped a pop single for the new film Marry Me. The movie stars the pair of them. As well as the likes of Owen Wilson and John Bradley, who is best known for playing Samwell Tarley in Game of Thrones. The song itself is an easy listen and the subject matter is rather light considering they are mainly just talking about marrying each other. J-Lo’s last release came out earlier this year, called On My Way [TELYKast Remix]. This is another song from the soundtrack of her new movie as well.

Movie Producer Creds…

Jennifer seemingly had a decent amount of influence in making the movie, with her being credited as one of the producers of the film. With that being said, it probably makes sense that she made a soundtrack for it. Rom-Coms are not my first choice of movie genre. However, I can still definitely appreciate her being able to branch out into other medias with her musical influence. Making movies are not an easy feat. Being able to play a main character while being a producer definitely is not either. Movies can be a risky thing if they do not pay off, so props to her for going for it.

Jennifer Lopez broadway musicals Movie Marry Me Maluma


As I previously mentioned, I am not the biggest mainstream pop fan or follower. In fact, I am not big on mainstream pop at all really. With that being said, the music itself was not a bad listen. The song features a very glossy and touched-up instrumental. Paired with that is J-Lo’s repetitive lyrics of wanting to get married (who would’ve thought?). While I can appreciate the production and content, for me this song is just a little too bland for my liking – bland does not mean bad though! I just look for a bit more flavor in my pop which is why I lean towards the experimental side with people like SOPHIE. If you want more music related content, go here for more. If you want to listen to the song, click here.

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