December 06, 2022

YEAT, TikTok’s new favourite and Trap’s Promising Artist


YEAT is the new discovery of Geffen Records. Rapper, songwriter and record producer, the American new TikTok star became popular in 2021 with the release of his 4L mixtape. The mixtape included songs like “Sorry Bout That” and “Money Twërk.”

The artist is the new representation of the influence of TikTok in shaping the music industry: once again, another artist found his way through the social platform.


The rise of trap’s new promise

Noah Oliver Smith, famously known as YEAT, is the upcoming promise of trap. Born in Portland on Feb. 26, 2000, Smith gained his success on TikTok in 2021 with his 4L mixtape. The only-22-year-old rap is quickly conquering the rap scene, and doesn’t seem willing to slow down.

Often criticised for choosing to frequently wear a turban, YEAT is building himself a remarkable image. The use of umlauts where not required and the creation of slang such as “luh” and “twizzy” are just some of the traits that set him apart from his peers.

When YEAT’s personality shines through

Fans appreciate especially the fact that despite his rapid rise, what shines through his music is honesty. Unlike other artists, his music reaches the listener in a personal way. There are, in fact, examples of artists who seem are mechanical and structured entirely by their own label, but this is not the YEAT’s case. In the reprise of themes already seen, the rapper was able to give his shape and structure to the lines and verses. In the desire to reach his limits and push beyond them, therein lies where his music expresses his personality.

Despite YEAT’s rhythms are not the type that stand out among others, and his music might seem as a revival of lines already heard, his loud and forceful music makes him interesting and promising.



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