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Sebastián Yatra Recruits John Legend For New Version of “Tacones Rojos”

Latin pop and reggaeton star Sebastián Yatra recruited award-winning artist John Legend for a new bilingual version of his hit “Tacones Rojos.”

John Legend Jumps in For a Bilingual Version of “Tacones Rojos”

The solo version of “Tacones Rojos” has already touched the hearts of millions of people around the globe, and even reached No. 1 on Latin radio in the US. The song is from his multi-platinum new album Dharma, which is also the current No. 1 streamed Latin album on Spotify after coming out only 2 months ago.

In the new version of “Tacones Rojos” alongside John Legend, the pair gives the track an entirely new life. John introduces his signature romantic style to the tune but also offers a fun, joyful sound. He even sings in Spanish a little bit! The song, overall, is a fantastic fusion of English and Spanish, as both singers join forces for a magical and vibrant vibe.

“‘Tacones Rojos’ has such a beautiful sunny vibe,” Legend shares. “It’s about meeting someone new who brings love, light, and wonder into your life. I love that energy and that we were able to create something new together for this lovely song. It was already such an amazing track but this was the first time I’ve tried to translate a Spanish song into English. It’s not as simple as a word-for-word conversion. You have to translate the sentiment, but re-shape and massage the language flows so that it flows naturally and feels like an original song in English. That was my challenge and I had so much fun doing it.”

Sebastián Yatra Celebrates His Latest Album Dharma With Tour

“It has the happiness of the original, but for me, it’s a brand new song,” Yatra adds. “It sounds like it was born this way, it was meant to be with John’s voice on it with me. Creating this version with John has been so beautiful. He’s one of the most talented musicians. When you hear his voice, you know it’s him and it resonates. To have him sing a song that I wrote, these melodies and this message of love, it just makes me so happy and gives me a lot of professional and personal satisfaction.”

Yatra is currently in the middle of a world tour in support of Dharma. The shows kicked off in Mexico City in February, and will head over to Spain for an extensive tour across the country. Afterward, the tour will continue across South America and North America as well. For more information, as well as a complete list of tour dates, visit his official website here.

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