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Princess Nokia Begins New Era With “No Effort”

Harlem native, Princess Nokia, feels good repping her hometown in her newest single, “No Effort.”  The artist promotes the single on Instagram saying, “new era. new music. same me.”  With four full-length projects under her belt, the recently signed artist Princess Nokia continues to put out hype, experimental, hip-hop tracks.  Her signing with Arista Records had Princess Nokia releasing last-years “It’s Not My Fault” and the Baby Tate collab, “Boys Are From Mars.”  Now, her latest release hints at the making of her fifth studio album.

Princess Nokia Flexes Her Badges on “No Effort”

Princess Nokia "No Effort" Single Cover

Princess Nokia continuously flexes her musical knowledge with every release.  We have seen her flow with ease on Ballroom style beats in “Versace Hottie” and also take jazz and gospel sounds to create “Sugar Honey Iced Tea.”  She knows her references and uses them to create hits stamped with her name.  On “No Effort” she makes a percussion-dazzled hip-hop groove track.

The song is produced by Mike Sabbath (Lizzo, Shawn Mendes, Little Mix) with untouchable energy.  A boinging guitar breathes life into the instrumentals.  This, in combination with the shiny percussive bells, make the track headphones-in, street-strutting-ready.  You can’t help but feel unclockable listening to the song.  Princess Nokia slides into the chorus with a bulletproof delivery.  “Look at me, so clean, no effort / Ponytail, ripped jeans, no effort” she sings with an assumed grin.  She doubles down on her confidence in each verse; switching up her flow multiple times with an assured tone.

A Glossy New Music Video

Then, if you thought Princess Nokia couldn’t get any badder – you need to watch the music video for the track.  We see the artist flaunting her love for her hometown in hip-hop styles. Producers on the video Sebastian and Chelsea Sdaigui create a vintage, glowing, video featuring New York scenery, groupie dancers, and Princess Nokia looking stunning.  Check out the video below.

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