“Wishlist” is Lil Xxel’s Christmas Offering

Emerging artist Lil Xxel recently did his part for the holidays releasing his first Christmas single, Wishlist. As for Coi Leray and many more, 21 year-old Lil Xxel has made a name for himself through the social platform TikTok.

2020 debut single LMK marked the beginning of Lil Xxel’s career and of his success. In fact, since the release of this single he gained a lot of support, especially on TikTok. Since then, the artist has been able to delight many and obtain a lot of followers and fans from all over the world. This made him viral, and now he doesn’t seem ready to stop.

A new step for TikTok favourite’s music

From then on, Lil Xxel’s career seems unstoppable. In fact, the artist released not only multiple singles but another project as well. Among these there are 2020 MNU, Self Love and IDK (Imperfect). Moreover, in 2021 he also released No Chill (featuring Cheat Codes) and What U Want. He also released a mini-LP, 2021 “#respectfully”.

And finally, for the holidays, Young emerging artist Alexander Perez, better known by his stage name Lil Xxel, just released the single Wishlist.


On October 22nd, Lil Xxel did his part for the holidays releasing his first Christmas single, Wishlist. “Add some flavour to your Christmas will ya,” posted the artist on his Instagram page. And the song gives in fact a lot of flavour to the tradition of Christmas songs. “Feel like I’ve been good this year, I did everything I should this year. Santa really told me that he won this year, You the only thing that I got on my wishlist,” sings Lil Xxel.

In the song, the artist sings his love, hoping to “win [his] person” for Christmas. This person is, as he says, the only wish he has for Christmas. “Patience wins the race, I just wanna win my person. Countin’ down the days, you would end up at my crib as a gift,” says the first verse of the song. “I don’t wanna hurt you, baby, Just wanna make you mine.”

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