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Big Time Rush’s Comeback Single “Call It Like I See It” is Here!

Big Time Rush has officially made their return to music. Their first single in 8 years, “Call It Like I See It” is finally here!

“Call It Like I See It” is Fresh and Modern

It’s been a while since Big Time Rush started teasing new music (almost two years to be exact). This summer, they announced the exciting news that they were getting back together. And now, the moment that rushers have patiently been waiting for has arrived. The boyband released their new single “Call It Like I See It” and it will make you get up on your feet and dance along.

Classic Big Time Rush songs are known to be upbeat and cheerful. “Call It Like I See It” is not the exception; as although it definitely has a fresher and more modern sound than BTR’s oldies, it still has the sound that fans have grown to love.

“We are so grateful to all of you for staying loyal fans and supporting us on this journey. Our new song ‘Call It Like I See It’ is out today and it truly wouldn’t be possible without all of you,” the band shared on their Instagram account.

Back Together After 8 Years

In an interview with People, the pop group opened up about what it was like getting back into the studio together nearly a decade after their 2013 breakup. “We definitely had some rough patches, had some issues kind of finding our sound and knowing the vision for the music. But the best part was whenever we all came together…we just went in with open hearts, open minds about the music and a little bit of tequila,” Logan shared.

Kendall added, “[What’s different] from 10 years ago is that we all have grown individually. We all have different strengths. And now I think that we’re much more open to playing off each other’s strengths and it’s really kind of helped our relationship.”

“Call It Like I See It” is out now on all platforms.

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