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WILLOW Understands Life on “curious/furious”

Red Table Talk co-host and young alternative-pop artist WILLOW talks of appreciating life on “curious/furious”– even in its depths. The introspective rock single follows “<maybe> it’s my fault” and “hover like a GODDESS” from Smith’s upcoming album, <COPINGMECHANISM>, out next week (September 23).

Red Table Talk co-host and young alternative-pop artist WILLOW talks of appreciating life on "curious/furious"-- even in its depths.
Photographer: Hollie Fernando/The Guardian

“curious/furious” by WILLOW

The seemingly loose-stringed guitar, Billie Eilish-sounding track, walks on the rock side as drums hype up Smith’s guttural vocals. The song’s wisdom is simple yet offers no step-by-step guide: take life as is– and coming from the prime age of 21 is a bit ironic.

The song’s message hits home right in the first chorus, singing, “Getting over it now and I / Never wear a frown / Because life doesn’t choose eithеr side / Win or lose, right or wrong / It’s a battle that’s all in your mind.” Afterwards, she unleashes her grit and fury about moving through the world in physical and mental isolation. Electric guitars and drums fill the void, instead.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Smith talked about her shift from pop to alternative and rock. (Not to mention her punk-pop collaborations with Avril Lavigne and Machine Gun Kelly.) In addition, the young singer-songwriter opens up about the sound for her upcoming 11-track record, <COPINGMECHANISM>. “I didn’t want to go for pop punk. […] I wanted to go for the heart of rock music, which to me is a deep outcry — maybe about pain, maybe about joy.”

Machine Gun Kelly And Willow Team Up On "emo girl"
via Instagram @willowsmith

WILLOW’s Recent Moves

In July 2021 came “Lately I Feel Everything,” her critically-acclaimed debut effort with features Travis BarkerTierra Whack and Avril Lavigne. This feat highlighted  the artist’s seamless shift from the sassy R&B “Whip My Hair” to “G R O W” rocker. 

In February, she teamed up with Machine Gun Kelly on “Emo Girl” with a bonus: a performance on The Late Late Show. Then, Smith teamed up with Siiickbrain on “Purge” in April, releasing a self-directed video. The same month, she guested on Camila Cabello‘s “psychofreak;” and, again, performed it, but this time on the exclusive Saturday Night Live. And last but (certainly) not least, she broke TikTok algorithms on the ultra viral PinkPantheress single, “Where You Are.”

What do you think of  WILLOW’s latest single, “curious/furious”? Let us know in the comments!

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