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BLACKPINK have just released their newest album, BORN PINK, and it’s their best album yet.


blackpink born pink album cover

Kpop superstars BLACKPINK have just dropped their latest album, BORN PINK.  For the girls’ BORN PINK is their second Korean studio album. Made of 8 songs, the album proves once again to the world that the girls are swagger and confidence in the flesh.

“Pink Venom”

Their single “Pink Venom” is such a hard-hitting song. Its classic hip hop beats, traditional Korean instruments, gorgeous vocals, and fiery bars do nothing but captivate listeners. The girls sing about attracting people with their contrasting qualities—their “pink venom.”

The song’s music video is both mysterious and loud with its sets, costumes, and overall production. Check out the music video below!

In addition to its music video, “Pink Venom” also had its own YouTube challenge as part of its promotion.

“Shut Down”

BORN PINK’s title track, “Shut Down,” is a whole vibe. It’s the confidence booster of confidence boosters. BLACKPINK sing and rap about being untouchable in the industry. As they sing in the chorus, “It’s black and it’s pink once the sun down.”

The music video furthers their dismissing of haters. The girls are often on sets with old posters and signs of their past hits. Watch the music video below!

“Ready For Love”

Ready For Love,” BLACKPINK’s first single for the album, ends the album on a high note. As part of a collaboration with PUBG MOBILE, the song is a dance-pop bop about being ready to experience love and all the things that come with it.

The music video utilizes game design to depict the settings, as well as the girls themselves. The visual style is very reminiscent of K/DA, the virtual kpop girl group of the League of Legends franchise. Take a look at the music video below!

BLACKPINK Make More YouTube History

These days, BLACKPINK breaking records is not a rarity. According to Billboard’s Starr Bowenbank, the group just became the first artist to ever reach and then surpass the 800 million mark of YouTube subscribers.

Blackpink pink venom album

“Pink Venom” also broke YouTube records. Soompi’s E. Cha says that, only hours before BORN PINK was released, the “Pink Venom” music video hit more than 300 million views. It’s the fastest kpop music video of 2022 to reach 300 million views.

This makes “Pink Venom” BLACKPINK’s 11th music video of the whole group to reach 300 million views, after all their other group music videos. Thanks to BLINKs, every single BLACKPINK group music video has over 300 million views. That is an incredible feat, and certainly well-deserved.

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