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“maybe it’s my fault” tell us more about WILLOW’s two souls

WILLOW finally gets back with some music, after her collaboration on Machine Gun Kelly’s last album “mainstream sellout.” This is the second drop of the year for the 20 years old artist, who has chosen to be focused on other aspects of her life in this period. But the track just dropped out, “<maybe> it’s my fault,” is what she really needs to get her fans excited again. It’s a pop rock single with a strong chorus that wants to yell all WILLOW’s feelings and sensation. A powerful statement which testifies how she cares about the quality of her music product.

It’s all too often in tender emotional states we try to blame our hurts on other people. Even though none of us are perfect, in some capacity it’s us who allow ourselves to get into situations that don’t serve our highest purpose” – said WILLOW in a statement.

And again, about “<maybe> it’s my fault”: “It explores what it’s like to hold ourselves equally accountable for the emotional pain we feel while also allowing ourselves to be human and fully process ALL of our feelings without shame”.

It is something that needs time to be comprehended, as also the complex lyrics of the artist and her project do, at 360°. WILLOW is not only a singer, but a total artist who experiences, sometimes fails and carries messages. The only two drops of 2022 are not random, but the result of a choice that is beyond the music. It’s the necessary deal between the constant search of a particular sound and the big numbers of the pop charts. Two things that live perfectly in WILLOW’s soul, and this has always been the formula of her projects.

If “<maybe> it’s my fault” needed a judgment, well… passed with full marks. 

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